Activation CE-001 144Mhz UKAC - Tuesday 5th April

Apologies for all those that didn’t get me on CE-001 Today one of the batteries gave up on me half way through a contact in the 144mhz UKAC This Evening then to connect the other and find that was dead too and what i thought was a charged FT-817 internal battery obviously wasnt the case!

but also the Heavy Fog settled and Horrible Misty Rain up at the trigpoint made it damn near impossible to even see the Notebook for Logging just a few inches away from my nose!

Will Be Attempting again in near future and buying myself some new more reliable batteries (the 12v 7Ah ones used were out of an old UPS and are starting to show age)

Pictures to follow soon…

Many Thanks for all Contacts Made

Matt M3WDS

this “should” no longer be an issue as i now have a 20Ah slab for SOTA / Contesting

hoping to get a few hills in the log over the next couple of weeks

Matt M3WDS