Activation & Camping on Monte Camicia (2564 mt) I/AB-310

Yesterday to escape from the Roman heat (38 degrees celsius all day …) my 12 year old son Emilio and I decided to take the car and go camping in Abruzzo at high altitude and the next day to climb a mountain of at least 2000 meters. to try a little fresh. We have chosen the Monte Camicia I/AB-310, a splendid summit of 2564 meters. of the Gran Sasso group, which can be reached in about two hours by car from Rome. Yesterday we arrived at around 17:00 at the base of the mountains and we looked for a place to be able to place our tent. We climbed up to 1780 meters. near a splendid wood and not too far from a source of water. The night was splendid, we were awakened at 5:00 by dawn and by the cries of a young chamois very close to our tent. After having breakfast and recovering some fresh water around 8:30 we left for the top, the difference in height is 1000 meters. and it is therefore a long and demanding climb. Once we reached the top, we finally enjoyed fresh air and a splendid panorama. I rigged my fishing rod and Elecraft Kx3 and did 27 qso cw / ssb using 30 and 20 meters.

The propagation was not the best and the top of the summit was filling up with people (asking me too often why there was a fishing rod … as always) and then we went down towards the valley. Overall a beautiful weekend in the mountains, waking up in the mountains is a feeling that I want to redo as soon as possible!


Hi Andrea,

What a perfect way to escape the heat of the city. Looks like a great and rewarding adventure :+1:
Looking forward to more stories like that.

73 Joe

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Thanks Joe !! I hope to go again camping & Sota this weekend :slight_smile:

73 And HK

Nice photos and nice experience, especially when you can do it with your son!
During this year I camped 3 times looking for different SOTA associations. The fourth time I tried camping (about 1 month ago) when setting up the tent, I slipped and dislocated my shoulder. Luckily I was able to manage it and get back to the parking lot.
In August, weather permitting, possibly camping again and we can do an S2S or rather a T2T(Tent to Tent) :slight_smile:


T2T(Tent to Tent) it’s a fantastic idea :slight_smile: During the night i tried to make some contact using my classical Sota set-up (Elecraft Kx3 & Longwire on a fishing rod) but the humidity was really high and I was practically wet and cold after a few minutes. Much better to operate from the top of a mountain :slight_smile:


Several times I thought of something like ¨All night long activation event¨, but I don’t know if many would dare to spend the night at the summit.
I personally really enjoy camping on a summit. I wish there were more easily accessible summits because in this way I would activate more at times outside of the “normal” activation hours.


With Luca Iz0Fyl we had we thought several times to do the same thing, a long activation all night … but then we said to ourselves … but will there be chasers for this type of activity? And then for the night you have to think about antennas for 80/160 meters which are very different from those usually used for the Sota. Has anyone ever activated at night?