Activating SV/MC-032 on 24/9/2022

I had been on a SV/MC-032 this Saturday, the road was in good condition, I got close to the summit, so I carried my 22Ah battery, my linked dipole (7/14/18/21m), my loop (18/21/24/28m) antenna and my G90, hoping for long range QSOs. I also took a laptop to run digital modes if i wad time to spare.
Although the weather was great and I stayed many hours on the summit, I didn’t do digital, I did broke my personal record of 84 conducts though. Thank you all chasers for coming back to my call!
73 de SV2SOQ, Kosmas.


Dear Kosmas,

very good work at this summit! Your first activation of this summit and with very good results.
I hope to hear you soon again. All the best!

73, Christos.

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Dear Kosmas,
Thank you very much for our S2S ond Saturday! :grinning:
73, Peter

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