Activating new summits in I/PM


Next week we will be in Cannobio at Lake Maggiore. A hiking holiday is planned … with the activation of “new” summits.
On my wish list are I/PM-160, -185 and -213 … but of course everything depends on the weather.

Take a look at the alerts.

73 Armin

I have a pending Italy update and some summits will be changing region, many get better names and I think one is being retired. Those changing region will get a new summitref but if you activated it before you wont get a new unique.

In your case

I/PM-185, name changed (“Quota 1850” to “La Forculla – Quota 1850”)
I/PM-213, name changed (“Monte Riga” to “Monte Riga – Quota 1292”)

The changes have not yet been made but should be active October 1st.

that would be important of course … according to current weather forecast, the hike would be in October. If it’s only the name - it doesn’t matter - but it would be a pity if I activate a summit which is not valid any more…
Could you please send me the details in advance?

73 Armin