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Activated the month!

When I spotted that I had activated on 28 out of November’s 30 days, I resolved to try and activate on every single one of December’s 31 days! Why? Well, why not?

Well, I’m pleased to say, I’ve done it:

At least one activation on every date in December 2017. 13 different summits and 355 QSOs involved. The concentrated run of activations from the beginning of November, recently referred to as “51 in 50” - is now extended to 68 in 62.

The latest activations have been very simple affairs. No rucksack, no mast, no proper antenna, just a VHF handheld (with stock helical aerial) in one pocket, and pencil and logbook in the other. SOTA can be that simple - and doing it this way is both refreshing, and great fun.


Well done mate. Inspirational!

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Good job !

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And again!


Good lad! Bet you’ve had a few days this month where you wanted to sack it in!!
Mark. M0NOM

Yep. Tuesday just gone I very nearly did.

At some point it will end. What will? This run of consecutive daily activations I’m doing. It started on 25th November, and from then, until now, I’ve activated a SOTA summit every day, some days 2 or 3. To keep it going, I’ll need to nip out this evening - so just a quick walk up The Cloud G/SP-015 with my VX7 handheld.

It will be my 73rd consecutive day of SOTA activating. But the intensity actually began at the beginning of November - but I didn’t manage to activate on the 22nd or 24th of that month!

From November 1st to tonight, it will be 104 activations in the last 97 days. I’ll be QRV on 2m FM some time between 10.20pm and 11pm. Hope a few chasers will still have their rigs on!


Very calm and still night on Cloud summit on Monday 5th February 2018. 2m band busy with most QRGs from 145.375Mhz through to 145.575MHz in use. Eight QSOs made.