Activate during major contest?

The JIDX CW Contest takes place this weekend. Would it be worthwhile to activate W4C/WM-001 on 30M and 17M cw during this event?

Thanks for your input,
Larry W6UB

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As Darius says, those bands will be busier with contest refugees. You’ll still be able to activate. You can go and work some contest stations if you can’t find any chasers so you will still be able to qualify.

The bigger worry is the CME due over the weekend.


In reply to W6UB:

JIDXC has fairly low participation…only 892 entries (including 204 JA) worldwide last year. It’s the equivalent of ARRL DX in that the world works only JA. I doubt it will cause many problems on the usual SOTA QRGs.

Will be looking for you from W4C/EM-049!

73, Bill

P.S. I agree about the CME…hoping the Australian forecast which says LATE tomorrow is correct!

It may not be everyone´s cup of tea, but I do not see a contest as an ultimate obstacle. Especially 40m CW during main activation times should not be so completely overcrowded as it is around sunset. Around noon the majority of contesters have to seek for the highbands (fewer single band ops remaining). It is not impossible to hold a frequency with qrp.
I once did a two-day activation during WPX CW. Don´t know how many chasers worked me. Of course there will be no or extremely rare mentioning of SOTA-ref. But is this very different to “some” activations to hear the ref only rarely? I will try it again and am sure that with the skimmer tool for SOTA now the instant SOTA-pile-up will keep the frequency better clear of qrg-thieves than normally :wink:
But of course YMMV and 30m is fine, too.
73, Chris (DL8MBS)
admit bias towards contesting :wink: