Accu empty

Sorry for those still wanting a contact yesterday. The accu ran empty in the mid of a CQ call. I forgot my charger in DL, now I have to charge the LiFePo accu on the way to and from the mountains. Yesterday at the beginning of the activation the voltmeter of my FT857 showed only 11.3 V. On the way back I had the 10 Ah accu in parallel of the car battery and after appr. 45 minutes of the way back it was well above 13 V. Will further charge when going to the today mountain.
BTW, I operate the FT857 with a power of 50 W, the antenna is 2 x 5 m, mostly one leg is wound around a telescopic fishing rod, the other leg fastened to the next bush or just laying on the (rocky) ground. Seems to work not too bad, have even worked stations from USA and Canada.

73 Reinhard, EA5/DK1IO

In reply to DK1IO:

I wondered why you suddenly disappeared Reinhard. I’m glad it was nothing more than a tired battery. Hopefully I’ll catch you on another summit before you return home.

73 de Les, G3VQO