Account Question

I just went to log a chase and after imputing the info on the QSO SWL a notice came up that SWL was not found…I had to update account. I went to my account and the longitude/latitude was missing which I updated. I went to log the contact again and the same update account warning came up…This is the first time I logged a activator from my QTH station usually I am the activator and only log the S2S’s. Does it take awhile for the account to update or am I missing something ? Thanks in advance ! Bill. KI7BJS

Well can I wind you back a bit because there’s information that you know but others don’t and it’s hard to help in these cases.

Where were you trying to log the chase… the old database site or the new one, ?

“SWL was not found” what was the exact error message?

Can you post the URL where you entered the lat/long?

If you can provide a bit more context and info then I’m sure this can be sorted easily.

I guess here:

There is no format for lat/long provided. I copied it from the SW2 account but some comments would be helpful.