Accessible summits for the less able

I still have my log from that day on Gun, Tom, it’s filed in the “Digipan” log, trouble is, so are dozens of other entries, and I’ve no way of knowing which are which!

You have highlighted something that I should have been doing all along, since my first PSK contact in Dec 2003 - putting the operating location in the notes section, as I’ve gone along, or at the end of the session.

There are also entries where I’ve operated as 9H3JS in Malta, and as G8HWI with an appropriate prefix in Durban ZA, none of those are shown separately, either.

The software sends out whatever callsign that you have entered into the “Personal” box, [own callsign, callsign/P, callsign prefixed or suffixed], but it doesn’t enter them into your log - a major failing.

I can sort out my foreign operations, and enter them in, because I know when I travelled, and in fact I will do that, and from now on, I will enter my location[s] in the notes.

When I operated in Malta it wasn’t from the highest point, unfortunately, although I have visited it, just to say that I had, I usually operate from my own personal shack on the island.
I say “personal shack”, it’s the concrete pillbox which is the bus stop, outside the “Sweetheart Gardens” at Gharusa, on the outskirts of Mosta - very handy, the bus drops you off, and then you can hop on a later one, and go for a sandwich and a glass or two of “pop” in Mosta centre.

You do tend to get some funny looks when you get off the bus at Gharusa, armed with a fishing rod, plus a rucksac, [which obviously must contain hooks, floats, bait, etc] - crazy English, there’s no water here!

Ron, I’d love to compile a list of easy accesses, but I am now realising that what works for me, wouldn’t necessarily work for others - I can manage a stile, albeit not as quickly as I used to, but another person may not be able to manage it at all.

Wheelchair access I cannot comment on, because I don’t use one - probably depends on the skills and strength of the individual rider?

Could I suggest that a list of the most likely be placed on here - comprising those that you have all contributed, itself easily accessible, with the facility for those who attempt them, to attach notes to each entry - again, it’s back to the fact that there is no “standard” disability.

That is, if it’s not too great a task to create in software.

I think that all that can be done, for me, is to visit those which you have suggested, and make my own notes as to how I managed, for my own future reference - I will report back here on my attempts, [but not today please, it’s blowing a gale, and Pluvius is busy - his best work is passing my window - horizontally!


Thanks to Paul HB9DST for his fine job :slight_smile:
Vy73 de Fritz HB9CSA (DL4FDM)

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Well, their job is to offer advice when it is requested - but fair do’s, they don’t have to tramp every hill and judge the accessibility, they could just hold the records of those opinions that have been offered about accessibility.

I agree Brian. Anyone wondering about anything during the planning stage should feel free to contact the relevant AM. The G AM has indeed activated every hill in G and so will be able to help with any queries.

I disagree Brian. The summits pages on here already provide that facility to house user-submitted details for summits. I don’t see why we should burden the AMs with an unnecessary additional admin task in copying all this over to the ARMs, or, even worse, picking out key pieces of data regarding access from these reports and adding them to the summits tables.

I fear we wouldn’t get super new fat data-rich ARMs, but we would get a mountain of resignations!

…which reminds me - I hadn’t added links to my reports to the Summits pages for a few months. Anyway, I’ve just rectified that, so all the info I have collected for summits in the GI/SW, GI/SM and GW/NW regions is now linked from the appropriate summit pages on here.

Next to get the Database up to date. Probably around 1000 activator QSOs and about 100 chaser / S2S QSOs to submit. Also a batch of SWL logs (mainly 2E0YYY/P). Then I’ll write the webpages for the “new” Tenerife summits.

I see where you’re coming from, but if accessibility is going to be held on a summit by summit basis in the summits pages then somebody with restricted mobility is going to have to search laboriously through those pages, one at a time, for information not prohibitive in G, but some Association regions have several hundred summits! Much better better to have it all in one place - under our control but after the style of the Burton ARC file.

Or maybe they have a clue and would use the online maps to see a) where the summits are located and b) what the land looks like.

John, welcome aboard. Jimmy has provided a list of summits.It’s up to you to have a bash when you feel like you are having a good day. As you have an old G8 call, I’m not going to teach you to suck eggs…but… arranging with some other activators to accompany you on your first few activations will be a help. After that it’s down to whether your legs are going to play or not. Best of luck.

But STILL laboriously, one at a time. Is it so wrong in your eyes to offer a helping hand?


Easy access is but one aspect Brian. It would be just as valid to ask for a list of recommended summits at each grade of scrambling to be nominated in the ARMs. Perhaps there should be a column to indicate if there are trees on the summit, or shelter in the AZ?

No, I firmly believe in any case that any prospective activator should be doing his/her own detailed planning and research anyway. As part of that of course, they can ask a question on here - and (as occurred) get a helpful answer. Surely that is sufficient.

Your suggestion would involve somebody instructing 109 Association Managers to research information and update 109 ARMs to a specified format. One of us would have to monitor this task, provide communications, receive the files and upload them to the website. A lot of work that simply isn’t necessary. Let’s face it, it’s not going to happen!


So some guy requests information about summits suitable for the less able, and you and Andy are going to say to him “all the maps are in the database, you’re on your own, son”! This sounds to me about as far from the much-vaunted “spirit of SOTA” as it is possible to get!

Miracles take a little longer…

I now have a list of summits that that have been previously visited by people who have observed any obvious problems for the less able, plus comments on those that are either a “drive on”, or a “get very close to/short easy walk from the parking place”.

That’s all I need, the remainder is up to me - as I wrote previously, I shall, hopefully, end up with knowledge of how the places that I visit, suit me, or don’t suit me.

Thank you all for your contributions, and your observations, my next job is to tackle one and see how I get on.

The thought has just occurred to me that if the Marines call their progress on rough terrain, “Yomping”, can I, with my limp, describe myself as, “Yimping” up the summits!



YES, YES, YES - exactly - this kind of information can be added as a short text by those activators who have mobility restrictions to the Summits information pages today - no new system or location required - I believe we should use these pages (the summits pages - on the new website more than we do. I always add a link to my blog of each activation of a summit that I do (which reminds me, I need to do this for Saturdays activation …).

A two or three liner can be added as a simple text report to these pages. The date is recorded when the information was added so one can see how current it is, and then further access information can be worked out from SOTAMaps.

In fact SOTAMaps would most likely be used first as the activator knows which area they want to be in, then they can click on the summit reference / info link to get more informaton.


As an example, I have added information for access to the summit I used on Saturday here: SOTA Summits

Thanks, Ed. That is very helpful information, and just the right amount of detail.

I hope other activators will follow your good example!
Walt (G3NYY)

That’s not what I said above, nor is it what actually happened above in the case of this particular query.

Please see above…

Well, Andy said:

Which is admittedly more hard-line than your:

My attitude is that the Burton ARC file is useful in that it directs detailed planning and research rather than leaving the prospective activator in the dark. A query on the reflector might or might not result in useful information but a pool of information saves time and may prevent disappointment.

I have been to the summit mentioned by Ed SOTA Summits

And I agree with what Ed is saying;; a few words or lines, describing the accessability would be great. There is little or no need for a detailed activation report in most cases. A few words regarding where to park and simple directions to the summits in questions is what is needed.
A lot of “summit selfies” are really surplus to requirements!
By all means port your experiences on a referenced BLOG, but keep the Summit Information for the essentials for those who wish to follow in your footsteps.

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Hi Ken,

I’ve now added these short descriptions for DL/AM-001, VK2/HU-093 and DM/BW-064 - there’s a few more that I can think of and will add comments - I’m trying to keep the same title of “Access details for those with mobility difficulties” and if others could adopt the same title when adding their comments for summits that they believe will be accessible by handicapped amateurs, this could be a good thing.

73 Ed.

I think we’re in general agreement about the desirability of catalogued access information. I just think it should be a community driven resource via the summits pages and not an onerous AM admin task.

There are many potential questions of the “What summits near to me are best for…” type. Saying that ease of access type must become a mandatory part of the ARM could be seen as the thin end of the wedge by AMs (including the one that’s already expressed his clear position to me).

Ed’s approach gets a huge thumbs up from me.

Merit where merit is due - it was reading John G8HWI’s post where he said “a list of summits that have been previously visited by people who have observed any obvious problems for the less able…” when a light went on for me - to say we already have a good place to store such inforrmation.

So thanks to John for bringing this whole subject up. I strongly believe that we as activators can support each other through comments about summits that we have activated and in the special case of people with disabilities, point out those summits that we believe will be achievable for them or should be avoided.