Access to GI/AH-003

Hi All,

I am both a SOTA activator and RSGB Backpacker contestant.
Looks like the second contest of 2015 will see me close to the Summit GI/AH-003 in June

Do I need to contact or get permission to gain access to this summit?

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No. Useful links via the summit info page on here.

The reason I ask is that no tracks or paths are indicated or mapped on the database

Is it in the Slieveanorra Nature Reserve
As on the slopes of Slieveanorra Mountain are four plots of peat bog which show different stages in the formation and erosion of peat. The Owennaglush plot is a rare example of a raised bog in which the peat is actively growing

This is on the website…
Due to the fragile nature of the bog and the danger of deep swallow holes, visitors are asked to contact the NIEA Site manager based at Co Hall Castlerock Road Coleraine, to arrange access.Tel: 028 703 59977.


“Slieveanorra is one of the most accessible of the Antrim Hills since its summit can be reached via gravel tracks.” taken from Slieveanorra 508m mountain, Antrim Hills Cen: Central Antrim Hills Ireland at

And then from Mr. Google’s software…

…which shows a track and some masts and compounds. Which fits in with Tom’s comments.

Stay on the path, problem solved. Maybe there’ll be some RF hash, maybe no.

Many thanks


Access to GI/AH-003 is un-restricted, an easy 20 minute walk on the service road to the transmitter compound. If you are operating on HF then there is no problem with QRM from the transmitters however there is considerable RF interference on 145 Mhz especially from the 2 metre beacon GB3NGI

Victor GI4ONL