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!AC0PR lost logbook, pse help

For those who contacted me today (Sept. 8th) on W7U/GA-004 10pts (Barney Top) as well as W7U/SU-023 8pts (Adam’s Head) I lost my logbook on the way down Barney Top. I have audio of Adam’s Head SU-023 but still need times, but nothing other than my memory for SU-023. I apologize for the hassle, but do appreciate each and every call. I will recognize each callsign.

I will post on the Reflector and Facebook, but please only respond once if we had a qso w/ time included. I had lots of regulars but a few new calls for me as well.

[FYI, my pack, being used for a couple of years now, had the zipper break and I tried to Frankenstein it up closing it with safety pins. When I got to the pickup to load up, one of the pins had broken and the log was gone. I went back for a while, but not all the way–nothing found]

Thanks so much!
Mike AC0PR

Loged as follows: AC0PR W7U/GA-004 08/09/2018 2047Z 7 CW

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Mike, We QSOd from W7U/SU-023 Sept 8 at 1737Z on 14 MHz CW. - Don AC7P

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Go and manually enter any QSO, real or imaginary for SU-023 using the call you used and the date. Then use the who chased me feature of the DB. It will show all the chasers who have entered a chase of you or the summit. Use that to reconstruct your log. If your activation crossed a UTC rollover (W7U maybe) then enter another single QSO activation for the date+1 and repeat. Once you have done this you will have a list of all the logged chases. It wont be all the chases but it will give you a good shot at a log. Don’t forget to delete the single QSO activations before logging the reconstructed log.


MM0FMF: I’ve had to do this once before. Worked great!

Mike: we had an S2S yesterday @ 17:34z - you can get the deets from my log =)

-Josh WU7H

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Mike… QSO Sept 8 W7U/SU-023 CW 17:21 UTC on 14.059 you gave me a 579 I gave you a 339.


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We had two QSOs, one from each summit:
W7U/GA-004 7Mhz CW at 2046z, 569/599
W7U/SU-023 7MHz CW at 1707z, 569/599
Good luck,
Phil, NS7P

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Here’s my data: SU-023 at 1708Z
GA-004 at 2045Z

Tommy W7RV

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K4QS 20:33z 14.059mhz CW W7U/GA-004 S539 R579

Thanks for the QSO.

73, Chuck

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Here’s my info: W0C/SU-023 at 1725Z 14mHz CW

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Hi Mike!

Here’s what I have:
W7U/GA-004 - 7MHZ - 2048Z


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Hi Mike,

8 Sept 2018 1723 UTC 14.059 Mhz S539 R559 W7U/SU-023

73 Rich N4EX

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Mike - one QSO:
2018/09/08 20:33 UTC 14.059 CW 599 599 W7U/GA-004
Thx for all the activations.
Donna AG6V

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Thanks, everyone. I’m pretty sure I have all but maybe 4 contacts out of the 50-some total, not bad for just the day after. I appreciate it!

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Hi Mike. I worked you on W7U/SU-023 at 1740Z. Your frequency was 14.059. Have a nice day! de Scotty KG3W in Pennsylvania. 73

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K0LAF W7U/GA-004 @20:34 on 20M
K0LAF W7U/SU-023 @17:22 on 20M

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8/9/18, 20:34, W7U/GA-004, 14cw, NE4TN

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