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AC0PR Earns Mountain Goat!


On Nov 10 AC0PR, Mike, earned his Mountain Goat Award. He activated W7A/NM-013, Ed Lamb Point, for his Mountain Goat Peak. This was a First Activation of a relatively obscure desert peak on the Utah-Arizona state line, so Mike really earned his 8 points for the activation!

I had the pleasure of contacting Mike S2S from W0C/FR-073 during his MG activation. He was 599 into Colorado, and he had plenty of chasers!

Mike, thanks for all you activations, chasing contacts, and S2S contacts. You’re in my logs many times, and your strong signal from Utah is always fun to copy when we’re doing an S2S contact.




Congratulations Mike!! Thanks for all the contacts and welcome to the herd. Keep up the great work activating those interesting peaks in Utah!

73, Brad


Big Congrats Mike! Nice signal into AZ from your MG peak.

All best, and BAAAA!



Congratulations Mike on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY


Congrats on MG Mike! Catch you on the next summit!
73 Jim/K7MK


Congratulations, Mike, for your recently achieved MG.
I’ve never made QSO with you but I’ll be looking forward to chasing you sometime soon.



Congratulations on your new MG status!!

Dave, AE9Q


Great job Mike, always great to work you. Thanks for all the chaser points.
73 GL


Congratulations Mike, We have worked a number of times and I was pleased to work you on your MG summit.
72 & 73 Gary W5ODS


Hi Mike,
Welcome to the Mountain Goats R Us Gang. Utah has some great mountains to wonder in. Looking forward to returning and working you many more times.


Honored to work you Mike on Your MG peak from here in Illinois! Congrats!!


Congratulations Mike on achieving Mountain Goat. This was the first time I was able to chase you but hope it won’t be the last.
Jeff K6QCB


Congratulations Mike on working your Mountain Goat Summit. I’m glad I could QSO you from the peak.


Thanks so much everyone! My first summit was a little one-pointer and I was worried that I wouldn’t get many calls. I had 24 contacts in a half an hour and had a blast. Hooked after that first one! While it’s exciting to hear a new call sign never worked before, it’s also comforting and familiar to hear those same call signs that seem to be there for you every time. Not only is it an amazing activity, the people who are involved in it are just awesome, and it’s been my pleasure to associate with all of you. Thank you!!

72/73 Mike


First contact with you yesterday while you were on Ed Lamb point. Now I realize why your call sign is familiar — your YouTube videos, which were instrumental to my cw progress. Thanks and congratulations.


Mike, it was a pleasure to work you on your MG summit! A hearty congratulations to you and welcome to the MG herd!

Paul K9PM


Thanks so much George, it’s nice to have someone who is always on a summit somewhere handing out S2S contacts! I appreciate it!


Congrats Mike for you entry into to that prestigious group. CU dwn the log


Congratulation Mike! Enjoyed all your YouTube videos as you made your way to Mountain Goat. Chat with you on the Summit.

73 and welcome to the herd.



Congrats Mike! Welcome to the bunch, and congrats on that 1st time summit to finish it off!