Abrupt QRT on GW/NW-003

Apologies for having go QRT suddenly today on GW/NW-003. It rained hard and eventually my bothy bag leaked. My poor QCX mini started to make a loud static noise and I couldn’t hear any of the callers. I know a lot were still calling, sorry.

Fearing my radio had got to damp I reluctantly pulled the plug and packed up. I made a couple of contacts on my VHF handie but it was too wet to continue.

Typically, as I made my way down the sky cleared so at least I got to enjoy the views. After drying out my QCX mini I plugged it in this evening and thankfully it is working fine.

My activation on the first summit GW/NW-004 Y Garn went well, band conditions on 20m seemed in good shape with plenty of callers. I appreciated the patience of one DL station who I just couldn’t get the callsign right. My dyslexia must have kicked in as I could read the callsign fine but just couldn’t get the callsign correct in my log hi!

2m FM was productive too, nice to hear the regular chasers.

Thanks for the contacts and S2S, till next time,
Roger MW0IDX


Wow that is some seriously beautiful country! I would be ecstatic to visit there someday. Glad to hear the QCX survived and you made it down. Great report.

73 de VE6JTW


Amazing country. Weather looks perfect to me … what rain?!


Photos are excellent. Could the QCX have been experiencing static from the rain clouds as they passed over ? I have had the exact same experience with my QCX in the Sierra Nevada peaks when thunder showers were approaching. Also had static build up that would discharge through my hands.


Those were my thoughts. I once had my KX1 fail on a mountaintop not too far away. Same static noise, diode zapped. I really like the qcx, great little radio.