About time too

Hi all,

Chris 2E0FSR is now the owner of a shiny new callsign and is now M0RSF

I look forward to airing the new call from a summit soon.

73 Chris M0RSF

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Well done Chris.


Brian G8ADD

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Congratulations Chris.

73 Rick M0RCP

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Well done Chris, my Dad told me today that you got your MØ, maybe catch up on the hills sometime soon, going for my 2E in the winter this year.

Well done again Chris.


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Congratulations Chris

I too have passed my Full Licence. I am waiting to inherit my Fathers class B Callsign of G8XYJ - This cannot be done over the internet, I think I will be waiting a week!

BTW does anybody know how to change your username on SOTA Watch? Or do you have to register a new account?


See you on the hill soon

Matt 2E0XTL (G8XYJ)

Well done both !

Stewart G0LGS

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Matt - just register a new account in the new callsign - it should still link to your existing Database account.


Congratulations Chris & Matt, I look forward to working you with your new callsigns.

Best of luck to Morgan too!


Mark G0VOF

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Well done Chris…look forward to hearing you soon on a summit transmitting your full 400 watts!

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Well done both from me too.

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Cheers Tom, Have now done so in anticipation of the new call!

To Chris - Hopefully will hear you for Low Band VHF Fun Day!!


Matt 2E0XTL

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Congrats to both Chris and Mike. Well done! Look forward to working you both with your new calls.


Karen 2E0XYL

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Well done to all who have passed the Full call exam, I know how tough the course and exam is!!

and Matt, I too am waiting for a “B” class license to be authorised by OFCOM, they are certainly dragging their feet with me?? They have told me within a fortnight and its been a week already!

Hope to be back to full chasing and the odd summit soon ( my health has put paid to any regular activations like I used to do)

looking forward to chasing you guys soon with my full call, (Trying to catch up with Bob G6ODU Hi)



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Many congratulations to all three of you. It looks as though I will have to take a crib sheet up the hills to give me a cue as to who you all are. :slight_smile:

As to the time taken to get the documentation through, many G4N and G4O licence holders will well remember 1982 when it took months to get licensed. The re-issue of my G8 call at the end of 2009 took just two weeks and was much more in line with expectations. Just hang on in there and if the documents do not drop through your letter box this week, please try not to duff up the postie!

73 and hope to work you all under the new calls soon,

Gerald, G4OIG

EDIT: Post successful at 4th attempt once I had spotted the apostrophe!

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Its only taken 2 weeks after submitting the paperwork but at last I can confirm G8XYJ is now my main callsign!

73 all

catch you on the air soon

Matt G8XYJ

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I’d only just got used to 2E0XTL…!

Seriously, congrats to all those who’ve upgraded their licenses.

Graham G4FUJ

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Cheers Graham!

73 Matt G8XYJ