Aborted ascend...ZS/WC-053

Aborted my ascend of Reserve Peak (ZS/WC-053) because of bad weather and treacherous conditions. Two to three people lose their lives, in mountain accidents, each year in this area and I did not want to become another statistic. This was my second failed attempt in the last week! Wondering if I will ever bag this summit.
Have just heard , on one of the emergency channels, that a search and rescue is in progress on a nearby mountain range.

In reply to ZR1AAH:Hello I was wondering why this summit is only a 1 point at 844 metres and no one has yet done it it seems a lot of effort for 1 point all the best Geoff G6MZX

In reply to G6MZX:

It’s only a 1 pointer because unlike G, ZS has some proper hills like KN-001 at 3450m. Or 11329ft in old money! :wink:

I did Cross Fell G/NP-001 and was astounded that such a wee pimple was worth 8pts when back home in GM you’d only get 4pts.

What you are seeing is the problem with a scoring system based on height, some low hills require much more effort to climb than their loftier neighbours. Still nobody has a come up with a better system for scoring that is simple to understand and implement. Anyway, it’s swings and roundabouts if you activate enough. The easy and hard ones cancel out in the end.


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Yep, 1 point for anything under a 1000m, in this area, 2 for 1500, 4 for 15 to 2000, 6 for 20 to 2500, etc. Yet if I go further inland ( same country, different division ) where the average height is over 2000m I just have t0 climb 150m and I can claim 6 points !!! A possible solution could be a height gained /point ratio.
But what the heck I enjoy the challenge and the points are irrelevant. I personally know what I have to endure for my activations.