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Aborted acitivation GW/NW-012

Apologies to anyone that was looking to chase me on 2m yesterday morning
On Cadair Berwyn GW/NW-012, we had to abort due crazy wind speed once we reached 750m

I had checked the mountain weather on Saturday evening and I was expecting strong winds, infact this is the reason I wasn’t going to bother with HF. We did not however expect the wind that we did experience
We met people coming down as we reached the tarn advising us to turn back, telling stories of been blown over. We decided to push on keeping well away from the edge. As we reached the more exposed areas at 750m it was indeed becoming more difficult to stand up. Given that the wind was forecast to get stronger as the day progressed we decided to abort our circular walk and retrace our route. It was very frustrating been so close, you can see how close from the attached screenshot of the track from my GPS.
As always better safe than sorry.



Good decision. With the wind it’s a fine line. One moment you are coping OK. Then just a moment later it tips over the edge and it suddenly gets very very serious.

I’ve had two or three close runs over the years. Not good.

Especially seen how close the path runs to the edge on that one :walking: :grimacing:

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That was most definitely the deciding factor :slight_smile: