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Aberdare ARS SOTA Activation - GW/SW 009 Today

Some excellent photos of this Activation can be viewed at the Club Blog.

Nice web. I am jealous you got a view from there - we didn’t!


Someone seems to have transcribed M3WDS as MW3WDS.

Good to get you again this week.

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to MW0TMI:

I’m quite envious that you have a small crewe going out on activations. That gives you more sherpas to lug the gear up the hills. Either you take a small amount and distribute it amongst everyone or you can take lots more gear.

I’ve done a few activations with my beloved. She learnt early on that it was essential to check her bag herself after I tried sneaking some extra batteries and swag in with her walking gear and the food. Far too smart if you ask me!