Aaaaarghhh! Loss of amateur spectrum in Ukraine

Very disturbing news, if this is to be believed:

If correct, they have lost the whole of the 30 metre band, 100 kHz of 20 metres, and many UHF/SHF allocations.

One hopes this is not setting a precedent for other countries. Also, what are they planning to put in 10100 - 10150 and 14250 - 14350 kHz? A new Woodpecker?

Walt (G3NYY)

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I suspect an administrative cock-up!


Brian G8ADD

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I suspect an administrative cock-up!

I suspect a late April Fool joke!

73 de G3NYY

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I don’t think that this information can be true. The mentioned websites are in Ukrainian, which I can’t read. But, I know that Ukraine is member of CEPT and has adopted CEPT regulations. Such change requires certain administrative procedures. Until now I haven’t heard about such changes. Either IARU-R1 and ERO websites don’t say anything about any changes to amateur radio spectrum allocations.

Therefore, it might be a late 1st April joke.
73 de Dan PA2LA - YO3DAN

The link points to the government website and the addendum to the regulation is here:
(MS Word document), On page 7 there is Table 7 which is the band plan, and indeed there is no 30m band and 20m band ends at 14.250.

Marek OK9HAG

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One hopes this is not setting a precedent for other countries.

There is no any real motivation of these restrictions except of somebody’s typo. The law was prepared to issue without proper control of amateurs. And the person, who typed it, has no idea, what the amateur frequinces are. So, the problem is known, we ask to return amateur frequinces to HAMs, but the Government is too slow to do it quickly. So, we just awaiting for proper corrections. It is a bit sadly, but nothing dangerous for other countries, I believe. Moreover, I HAVE 30 meters band in my current license, so I believe, I CAN use this band for a certain time, while the licence is valid.

73! Alex UT4FJ

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This has now been confirmed as an error:

They apparently made the same error in 2009…

73 Dave G3YMC