Congratulations Dale, and welcome to the herd.

Lee - N7LP

Congrats Dale ! Glad to work you yesterday.

Quinton NU7Y

Wow…the W7A activators have really stepped up these past couple of years! The rest of the associations need to get going!

Congrats to AA7OY! Well done.

73, Brad

Hip, Hip, Hooray Dale!!!

Nice S2S w/AA7OY on 40m yesterday! It was my first SOTA activation, so thank you for that! Congrats on your GOAT!

Congratulations Dale! You have been doing many of the more challenging peaks in Arizona which makes this feat even more impressive! Keep up the good work and thanks for the many QSO’s.

73 de KR7RK

Congratulations OM/MG! Thanks for the memorable S2S on both of our milestones yesterday.
Looking forward to some more joint activations up there in the White Mountains.
Charlie NJ7V

Well done Dale. Keep climbin those hills!
Scott kw4jm

Thank you for all the kind comments, the friendships we make are the best.
As if making MG was not memorable enough, on my hike up Escudilla Mountain a
elk that seemed to be chasing a wolf appeared in the distance and they both passed by
me at a high rate of speed. Wonder what the story was there!
Looking forward to many more QSOs with you all,