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See you started in New Hampshire.
Are you doing all those hikes in Peter Limmer boots?

For those who don’t know Limmers, see:


Congrats on MG! Jeff 73

Many congrats Jeff!

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I grew up in NH and got my start hiking there, but didn’t start SOTA until I moved here to CA.

And no, no Limmer Boots for me. They look pretty heavy, clunky, and uncomfortable compared to my trail runners.

Ha! Yes, they are VERY heavy (5.5 lbs/ pair), and VERY comfortable. For the first 15 hours it’s them or you. After that, they’re part of your body. I use them with a heavy pack; incredible stability. For almost all SOTA, use the lightweight plastic like most everyone. On 2nd pair of Limmers now; first pair bought back in 1975; retired after 2nd rebuild.
Best, Ken

FB on your MG accomplishment Jeff. I noticed you were pretty close last week, and now you have the satisfaction of passing that milestone. TU for all the chaser points es S2S; I’m sure you are just shifting into second gear now to knock out 2x MG. TU es GL!

73, Woody/K1LB (former Mainer and NH-ite)

Congrats and well done Jeff.

Beyond the 1,000 pt goal you have a really impressive activation count (300+) and equally great unique tally.


Congratulations Jeff!
Walt NE4TN

It helps if you live in an area where all the summits are 1’s and 2’s. It really drives up the activation count. :smile:

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Ain’t that the truth and hence Interstate 80 heading west was a familiar sight when I lived in San Francisco at the start of my goat journey!!


Ah yes, Mendocino National Forest for 6’s and Sierra’s for 8’s. The choice is a one hour drive to get to a 1 point summit or a 3 hour drive to get to a 6 point, or a four hour drive to get to an 8. When the drive is 3 or 4 hours each way the goal is always to activate 2 or 3 summits - to make a 12-14 hour day worth 18-24 points!

Mendocino is just as far as the Sierra for me, so I haven’t been up there yet. Big Sur is 2-3 hours for me, and there are a fair number of 4s there. If I have to drive more than 2-3 hours, I try to make a weekend out of it, and get even more summits.

And yes, plenty of trips out 80, or over the Altamont Pass on 580 to get to the big points. :slight_smile:

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Jeff, if you’re going up HWY1 to Big Sur, etc., Cone Peak is a very good one.
Check with the ranger station in King City to be sure the gate that leads to the trailhead is open.

Congrats, Jeff, for your shiny MG!
We’ve never made QSO so far, but I look forward to having the sunspots back and then, I’ll hopefully chase you.
Keep up the good work.



I worked a couple of Spanish stations last year around Christmas when I was visiting my parents in NH. Maybe this year when I’m there again we’ll get a qso.

Yes, that sounds very possible, Jeff.
I chased @AC1Z activating SOTA W1/HA-041 on 20m CW with FB signals yesterday.
Other activators at about that same time from summits in W0C were not copied.


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Congrats, Jeff!

I’m impressed at the average points per summit at which you gained this particular achievement.

Onward and upward!

W6 Association Manager

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