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A windy Saioa Mt. EA2/NV-021


today I took the chance of a free day to do a hike with a friend.
I planned a short stay on summit not to disturb my friend with a too long activatioin, and just in case I grabbed my VHF handheld plus the compact HF equipment.

When we left our town it was very foggy. We drove for 50 minutes then did an hour trek to arrive in a clear summit not very far from the sea. The valley was surrounded by some fog.

In the distance we observed the impressive Pyrenees wall.

The summit in front of us, Zuriain Mt. (EA2/NV-023), was covered with a thick cloud menacing to approach soon, and it was so windy that I decided immediately I couldn’t do the activation on HF, so sorry guys!

I assembled my homemade vertical 1/2 lambda (Flower pot antenna) for VHF over a reduced fishpole to protect from the wind and tried to do the contacts to qualify.
I finally got 8 qso fighting against the strong wind and decide to leave the summit because it was too bad to stay for any longer.

A pity because views were amazing but happy that I could qualify for the summit.

See you soon next Christmas from a summit. Here below, a panoramic view from the summit.
73 de Ignacio