A very light-weight, 12 Ah battery



Walt (G3NYY)

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Hi Walt, that looks too good to be true!! I wonder how much it will cost?

The reflector has missed off the last bit of the hyperlink so here is a shortened version:

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Mark G0VOF

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About $100 at http://www.amazon.com/PowerAll-PBJS12000R-Rosso-Portable-Starter/dp/B00D42AFS8

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Careful Wlat, Lithium !



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Careful Wlat, Lithium !

I know. I wouldn’t touch it with a barge-pole.

But I know plenty who would!

Walt (G3NYY)

Weights 450g and cost some US $97.00. Have a look e.g. here:


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Here’s a similar unit from All-Battery in the US. I’ve purchased many items from them - good products and reasonable customer support. Worth waiting for one of their regular coupons to purchase this once it’s back in stock.

I’m sure that 12000 mAH capacity is at 3.2V - divide by four to get 3 AH which is about right for its size.


There’s not much of a spec for any of these very similar-looking devices but piecing together various bits I reckon:

They are Lithium Phosphate technology.
They are 3 Ah maximum capacity (and probably only 2.3 Ah if they contain the ubiquitous A123 cells). That guess is based on the charge time quoted in one of the specs and a guess of the dimensions based on the photos.
There will be four cells in series, giving a fully-charged terminal voltage around 14V.
I didn’t see a weight for the packs but if it’s as above I’d guess at 500g with the electronics and a case included.

Edit: Sorry, Dan. Just spotted your comment that they’re about 450g. FWIW my 2.3 Ah 4S LiFePO4 packs weigh 312g (no electronics).