A very different Claife Heights G/LD-053

Claife Heights

|SOTA ID:| G/LD-053|
| — | — |–|
|Height: |270 m (886 ft)|
|Grid ref:| SD382973|
|QTH Locator:| IO84MI|
|Lat: 54.367315 |Long: -2.951298|

Claife Heights is a very different summit this year following Storm Arwen! The forest around the summit is now all felled and there are only a few lone trees left. It’s really quite depressing as the woods were lovely there. The view from the summit, which used to be a sneeky peak at the Howgills and not much else, is now almost 360 degress.

The bands were in excellent condition today, especially 10m which was wide open. I could hear a Turkish station on 10m FM for example. I had limited time as the weather was due to come in. Today I was using the IC-705 with Chameleon MPAS2.0. It was showing high SWR on 40m, so apologies for me moving on quickly. I need to check everything as I had the same issue on High Street recently.

I timed the ferry just right both on the way across Lake Windermere and back again. It is £2 each way on a motorbike, bargain!

Regards, Mark.

12:50 2E0XLG/P 2m FM 57 57 Chris
12:56 OH3GZ 20m SSB 59 59 JUKKA
12:57 OE6RCD 20m SSB 59 55 ROLAND
12:57 M7MCG/M 20m SSB 55 55 Micah
12:58 EA2DT 20m SSB 53 42 Manuel
12:59 DM1DF/P 20m SSB 55 55 Daniel SOTA DM/BM-352
12:59 DJ5AV 20m SSB 59 57 Michael
13:00 F4FTJ 20m SSB 59 59 Thomas
13:01 EA3EVL 20m SSB 55 51 PABLO
13:02 HB9CGA 20m SSB 59 57 ULRICH
13:04 HB175RAIL 20m SSB 57 57 c/o SOTA HB/SO-010
13:08 IT9GSZ 10m SSB 59 56 Nunziato
13:11 LZ1WR 10m SSB 59 59 Todor
13:18 EA3EVL 17m SSB 59 59 PABLO
13:19 OE5REO 17m SSB 55 33 Martin
13:21 HB9HOR 17m SSB 59 55 Roger
13:22 HB9MKV 17m SSB 59 52 RUDOLF
13:26 S57ILF 17m SSB 59 55 FRANCI
13:26 EA3EVL 17m SSB 55 55 PABLO
13:31 S58WW 20m SSB 59 59 Primoz
13:37 SV3FUP 10m SSB 59 55 ARIS

For comparison, this is what the view from the summit used to be like in 2018:

and the woods on the approach:


Oh dear, that is depressing. Unfortunately you have experienced the summit at its most bleak with all that brash lying around. My OCD side wants it cleared up into neat piles. Thankfully nsture has a way to deal with it. I’m sure I will see similar up in Northumberland when I next get out. The Forestry Commision were suggesting some routes would be cloeed until 2024.

Well done on the activation. It’s good seeing the higher bands coming back into use.

73, Gerald


Sad to see the place after the felling. Sutherland is seeing similar over the last year or so with all the “Timber Extraction” going on.
On a lighter note, that’s a nice R1. It’s good to see someone else traveling to their SOTA activity by motorcycle. Here’s a pic of my ST955i parked up for activating Cairnpapple hill (GM/SS-254) a couple of weeks ago.
73 Andy MM7MOX