A trip to the rarely activated VK2/CW Warumbungle National Park

Ahoy my friends,

For the upcoming John Moyle Field Day our club VK2BV heads to it’s favourite spot. I’m making the trek out a few days early and heading into the national park for some adventures (as a backup if the WX is toast or its on fire the Warumbungles also host a bunch of interesting things).

So - the pertinent details for the chasers though, I plan to activate (hopefully all, access permitting) these summits;

I’ll post alerts as the days get closer and I can confirm or deny access to the summits. I’m looking forward to Bluff Mountain and Mount Exmouth because it will be my first overnight, long distance hike!



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Another quick update here, so far WX is looking superb and as an added bonus my partner is now hiking with me. However she objected to carrying my “little extra” QRO box for some reason. Alas it will be a barefoot 817 into a 20/40 linked dipole or bust :slight_smile:

I’ve posted alerts for CW-001 and CW-002 and I’ve tested my portable APRS config which I’ll feed a steady stream of updates to as well (aprs.fi - live APRS map).

Now if only there was some sort of time machine to speed up this bit in the middle before we actually make tracks!

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