A thanks to those who worked me and an apology to

Due to the amount of stations on today and my rather restricted antenna, I was not able to work as many stations as I would have liked to today from the Jenner summit (DL/BG-062). With so much QRM the chasers had a hard task.
Thanks to Milos S53EO who replied to my weary call, thanks to OE7HPI for spotting me on SOTAWatch (for some reason my phone application refused to send my self spot and I couldn’t read the error message because of the sunlight).
Thanks also to DL3HXX & HB9AAQ for making up the four contacts I needed to qualify the summit.
Apologies to the other stations who called, in the clear you would have been workable if it wasn’t for the QRM from stations above and below the frequency.

Also my apologies to those who were waiting for a 20m contact - I simply ran out of time to put up the other antenna. In hindsight, starting on 20m might have had less QRM. Perhaps for Zugspitze or Hohe Salve?


In reply to VK2JI:

Hello Ed,

nice to hear that your activation here in DL was successful. I had similar troubles on my activation yesterday in Austria (OE/TI-194). I tried nearly half an hour on 40m near my alerted frequency without success. Then I qsy’ed very disappointed to 20m where I soon got quite a number of nice contacts.
After having qualified I changed back to 40m very relaxed and got soon spotted by an italian station.

Wish you many contacts on DL/WS-001.

73 Stephan , DM1LE

In reply to DM1LE:
Thanks Stephan - yes I have decided to just run 20m ssb this Saturday from dl/ws-001. As well as hopefully avoiding so much QRM my 20m antenna is smaller than the 40m one and I will have limited space on Zugspitze.

73 Ed.