A thank you and an apology from G6WRW

A thank you to all who made contact either with Me, Carolyn (G6WRW) or with Helen (M3YHB) while we were on Cadair Berwyn (GW/NW-012) yesterday. It was very enjoyable in the good weather and the warm winter sunshine. The views were brilliant and is now my second favourite summit after Ben More (GM/SS-001). In all we made 49 contacts on 2m (28-fm, 20-ssb and 1-DV) over the 2 ish hours we were on the summit.

The apology is to the chasers who were still trying to make contact when we said we had to go. We were very much aware of the time getting on and had to leave in order to make a safe decent in daylight. It had taken us over 2 hours to make the assent. We wish we had more time.

Also a thank you to all the regular chasers, who I often can not remember the names of, who make SOTAing so wonderful.


In reply to G6WRW:
Thank you for your activations over the weekend
Was lovely to talk to you and Helen and possibly making a first on Saturday 16th Feb with five SOTA stations all YL’s at one time.
Helen (M3YHB)on Waun Rydd SW004
Carolyn (G6WRW)on Waun Rydd SW004
Eleri (MW3NYR)on Cadair Berwyn NW012
Sharon (2E0NBR)working on her shacksloth - congratulations on your achievement
and not so ‘little’ old me
Helen (GW7AAU)on Brown Clee Hill WB002

Plus Helen must be one of the fastest SOTA’er in the fact she was up and activating within a week of getting her callsign! well Done!

Look forward to talking further down the log