A sunny day on OE/OO-209 Hoher Nock - some impressions

Hello everyone,

Just sharing some impressions from todays hike to Hoher Nock

Started a 7 o’clock local time from my hometown Linz, together with my colleague Alex, in dense fog that cleared up after getting closer to the pre-alp mountains in OE5.
Started in nice sunny weather although it was still cool. From about 1500 m up sections with about 10-15 cm of snow from the snowfalls 2-3 weeks ago needed to be crossed.

View southward to Warscheneck (OE/OO-006)

Near the ridge line that we followed to the summit the sun had softened the snow already and took extra endurace to continue.

After 3:25 h including breaks and adjusting our cloth layers several times finally reaching the summit.

With a great view to the Sengsengebirge traverse.

First setting up the J-pole for 2m:

Time Call Band Mode
11:02z DL8MEK/P 144MHz FM
11:06z OE5FSL 144MHz FM
11:07z OE5PEN/P 144MHz FM
11:10z OE5GHN 144MHz FM
11:12z OE5MML/M 144MHz FM
11:13z OE5FSM 144MHz FM
11:17z OE5RSO 144MHz FM
11:20z OE5GTN/M 144MHz FM
11:21z DC1TRX 144MHz FM
11:26z OE6UVG 144MHz FM

And then verical dipole for 20m

Time Call Band Mode
11:44z EA2LU 14MHz SSB
11:45z EA2DT 14MHz SSB
11:46z SV1QED 14MHz SSB
11:47z EA3BSE 14MHz SSB
11:48z G4WSB 14MHz SSB
11:49z EB1IFK 14MHz SSB
11:50z G6NHW 14MHz SSB
11:52z G3FEH 14MHz SSB
11:52z OE5FSM 14MHz SSB
11:53z OE5HDN 14MHz SSB
11:55z G0RQL 14MHz SSB
11:57z EA3EGB 14MHz SSB
11:57z LB1DH 14MHz SSB
11:58z G0CAM 14MHz SSB
12:00z 2E0VMD 14MHz SSB

Thank you to all chasers and two S2S QSO with Sebastian DL8MEK/P and Erwin OE5PEN/P @OE5PEN

73’s de Joe


Shame we didn’t hear you on 20m from OE/ST-354.
Thanks for the nice report!
73, Sylvia

Hello Sylvia,

It can’t work everytime with S2S :wink:
I hope the wx was fine in OE/ST as well?

73, Joe

It was quite windy down there but we managed 6 activations :grinning:
73, Sylvia

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