A suggestion for better spotting and alerting

Ladies and Gentleman, please don’t place alerts like this:

12:00 MM0FMF & GS3PYU on GM//WS-001 - 21-cw,7-ssb
Two of us together, please work all (Posted by MM0FMF)

Instead place 2 alerts:

12:00 MM0FMF on GM//WS-001 - 21-cw,7-ssb
With GS3PYU, please work both stations (Posted by MM0FMF)

12:00 GS3PYU on GM//WS-001 - 21-cw,7-ssb
With MM0FMF, please work both stations (Posted by MM0FMF)

The reason is there are lots of apps/programs scraping the data from the alerts page and “MM0FMF & GS3PYU” doesn’t look like a callsign and may get dropped. This means fewer people may see your alert.

Also spot each station separately and not as “MM0FMF & GS3PYU” for similar reasons.


:+1: for that suggestion Andy. That is why Paul and I always alert separately. After all, it has been known for me to be still waffling away when Paul has completed his activation, packed up and had time to phone mission control back at home!