A stray alert for Saturday in Sunday UTC

Check this combination of alerts for Sunday-Saturday-Sunday.


Andrew VK1NAM

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You beat me to it by 3 mins Andrew.


First time I have seen an alert displayed out-of-date order, assuming the date is correct?

I guess Andy will sort it out. I’m guessing, appears to be a combination of SOTA Goat and the use of commas. :slight_smile:


GIGO. Although it’s SOTAwatch so not really my website.

Has anyone seen the movie Frequency? A time shift doesn’t come along too often, might get some good DX. HA

Hi Andrew,
This has happened before. I reported a similar “glitch a couple of months back”. I think that might have been a spot rather than an alert however.
It looks strange but doesn’t really cause any mistaken actions I think.

Not pointing the finger but “perhaps” SOTAGoat has done something wrong in its data feed to SOTAWatch?

Was Bernard’s post intended to be for Saturday or Sunday?


P.S. - I see this has now been corrected - perhaps we’ll never know what caused it …

[quote=“DD5LP, post:6, topic:10985”]perhaps we’ll never know[/quote]If it was a user error other users might make then knowing the cause would be helpful, but if a program glitched then only the glitch needs straightening, and an explanation would only satisfy random curiosity… :wink: :wink:

It would be easy to point the finger at SOTAGoat but that isn’t the reason. The reason is because there’s a bug. It’s unlikely to rear its head often and of course, nobody submits an alert without checking it worked do they :wink:

Just for those who maybe confused, this website & SOTAwatch are run by Jon GM4ZFZ not me. I administer the database, the cluster and a few SMS spotting services.

There’s something a bit odd about the alert times around midnight Saturday/Sunday again:

Sorted, I deleted the obvious error.

Is someone going to tell VK1DA and the SOTAgoat author to have a look at what they are doing to cause this as it’s only SOTAgoat originated alerts for around 0000UTC that have problems?

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Done! I have emailed Rockwell regarding SOTA Goat.

73, pat - KI4SVM

Thanks Pat. It could be:
SOTAgoat error
SOTAwatch error
PEBKAC error

I’ve only seen it when SOTAgoat is involved but that doesn’t mean it’s a SOTAgoat error, that might just be exercising the corner case somewhere else.

Hi Andy,

I did check the alert and when I found that error I called up SOTAWATCH using a browser to edit it. But there was no edit link on that alert or the other one. Expected that it would be there on the home computer, but no. In the past I have always been able to edit my posts whether I used sotagoat or the website.

Something is not right.

73 Andrew VK1DA

Ok I noticed that some alerts were (posted by VK1DA) and the faulty ones were (posted by VK1DA )

So I updated the callsign in sotagoat. Post still got placed on wrong day.

Logged back onto sotawatch on mobile as VK1DA instead of vk1da. Then the edit option reappeared.

Trailing space, mixed case, nasty business.


I had some problems a while back when the database accepted usernames containing spaces. Now such names can’t be registered.