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A slightly different SOTA activation of W4C/WM-047

Hello SOTA Friends,

On Friday, around noon EST, I will be activating W4C/WM-047 with a group of 6 boys ranging from 11-13 years old. I plan to do this “Get on the Air” style, letting each boy take a turn calling CQ and working a call.

I’m sure they are going to mess up your call signs and screw up your reports but I can assure you they are gonna have fun! Rest assured that I will be doing the logging and will take the mic as needed.

So when you see my spot please come work us, but be a little extra patent as I attempt to spark some interest in ham radio in these young minds.

I’ll have about an hour with them so I hope to work 20, 40, 60, 80 then 17,

Thanks for the chase!


Great Idea, Alan.
I hope some sparks will turn into a continuous light.
I’ll look out for you on the high bands if CW. (No mike yet in the shack, sorry)