A seventh (7th) Mountain Goat for Paul, DL6FBK

Congratulations to Paul @DL6FBK on reaching 7 x Mountain Goat with the currently ongoing activation of DM/BW-010. It took him less than 7 years to reach this incredible score. Simply awesome :champagne: :partying_face: :balloon: :tada:

Today Paul does his 967th activation, almost 600 were uniques. Besides his home region DM/HE he can often be heard from various DM and DL regions as well as neighbouring associations such as FL, OE, and OK.

Thanks a lot, Paul, for your dedication to SOTA and the mountains, and continue to have fun with many new ideas for further summits!
We haven’t met personally yet, but I’m looking forward to meeting you end of April at the first SOTA-BW-meeting.

73, Roman


Hello Paul @DL6FBK

Congratulations from me as well on reaching your seventh mountain goat :goat: :mountain: :tada:

An incredible milestone! Have fun further on the mountains and see you soon again in a QSO :+1:

73 Marcel DM3FAM

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Congrats on your little herd of goats! You did this in an impressive short time!

73 Heinz

Hi Paul

Congrats and thanks for the QSO s yesterday and today! Keep up the good work.
73 s de Bruno HB9CBR

What a milestone! Amazing, Paul, well done!
73 Fabio

Hi Paul, Congratulations and thanks for qso.
73 José

Hallo Paul

Ich freue mich mit dir für deinen Meilenstein. Danke für die vielen Verbindungen von deinem Home-QTH oder wenn wir beide für SOTA unterwegs sind. Ich lerne eure schönen Landschaften gerne auch auf diesem Weg kennen, es motiviert mich, diese auch mal selber zu durchstreifen. Die Summits erschliessen für mich Gegenden, Menschen und ihre Kultur. Das gilt im Hügelland wie im Gebirge.

Ich weiss aber auch, dass du gerne für schwierigere Summits in alpinem Gelände zu haben bist. Man findet diese in deinem Logbuch. Auch das gibt schöne Anknüpfungspunkte, und ich hoffe und wünsche es dir, dass du dir deine Vielseitigkeit noch möglichst lange erhalten kannst.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Well done on the 7,000 points Paul. It is always a pleasure to work you.

73, Gerald



Congratulations on reaching the 7000 Summit points.

The last points were not given as a gift…

Ascent in unexpected deep snow with sinking to the knee the most of the track (snow shoes would have been really good)… Lap of honor over the (for SOTA invalid) west summit with cross-country section… Wet and cold summit shrouded in clouds…

Paul at the last QSOs for 7000 points…

73 Armin


Congratulations on reaching the seventh Mountain Goat and thank you for all the S2S QSOs/QSOs we have had so far.
I am looking forward to further contacts and wish you a lot of joy and success at SOTA on the way to your next mountain goat.

73 de Clemens | DD2TC

Hello Paul @DL6FBK,

Chapeau bas !!! :champagne:

Thanks a lot for so many QSOs :muscle:

73, Jarek

Hallo Paul
Herzliche Gratulation zur 7. Berggeiss.
Danke für die QSOs und sicher bis bald.


Well done and that is really impressive!!


Congratulations Paul
:+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1: :+1:

73’ Alain

Very well done Paul!!
I was glad to work Armin today but I was unaware it was your 7th MG.
Take care and thanks for all the qso in your way.

73 de Ignacio


Dear Roman, dear everyone,
Many thanks for the congratulations on the 7th mountain goat, which made me very happy. Above all, I would like to say thank you to the many chasers and activators who ultimately made this success possible for me.
This shows what is special about the Sota family, which has also caused a great passion in me.
I hope to be able to meet many more of you and look forward to the next QSO’s.
All the best to everyone
best 73, Paul DL6FBK


Dear Paul,
what an impressive result!
Maybe, SOTA makes you fit for 10 x MG? :running_man: :skier: :biking_man:
Living not too far from me, but didn´t met personally until now, this calls for a change, dear Paul!
73, de Gerhard

Lieber Gerhard,
vielen Dank für die Wünsche. Wir sollten das ändern, dass wir uns immer noch nicht getroffen haben.
Wir verabreden uns zu einer der nächsten Aktivitäten.
Beste 73, Paul

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Wow, what an achievement!
Congratulations Paul!

Thanks for many QSOs! Looking forward for many more QSOs…