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A round of eleven Lakeland SOTA Summits - May 2021

If you can give me more than 10mins notice then I can wander up Cairnpapple Hill (almost 5mins walk) and give you an S2S as Goat Fell is LOS from there. You can see Arran’s peaks on a clear day.

EDIT: should move this nattering off Mathew’s thread…

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It always ends up like that on here!
Up for s2s. I’ll be in touch.

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Thanks, I have made a note of that spot for future reference.

I am expecting this summer to be very busy in terms of wild campers, so I try to find sites that are less likely to be used. Camping next to a Tarn is best saved for winter and poor weather, when you can be assured of some peace and quiet.

The Trailstar Clone was made by 3F UL Gear also, and us of silnylon…I was so impressed that I bought a second. I get a nasty reaction to midge bites, so although tarp camping is great fun, I do prefer the enclosure of a tent.

I just wish the door of the lanshan reached a little closer to the ground…for improved wind shedding.

I make it as 86 points for the Bob Graham…includes a descent of Blencathra via Halls Fell - which would be unpleasant with a multi day pack.

Whilst working out the above I discovered there is such a thing as a double Bob Graham…doing the round twice, on consequitive 24hr periods.

For reference, my 11 SOTA summit round was 80 points.

I am planning a Welsh multi day route some time in the autumn, so any recommendations of routes from those familiar with North Wales would be appreciated.

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Hi Matt

Great read! Was good to meet you and see another activators setup, much lighter weight than mine :rofl:
after i got down from Stoney Cove pike i ended up sleeping in the car in Elterwater where i did Loughrigg pike LD-047 the next morning and after a quick charge of the batteries (the radios and my own!) decided to have a crack at Seat Sandal LD-022. meeting up afterwards with G0UOK and M7SHZ in keswick for a well deserved pint or 2 before heading over to Swirls carpark ready to attack Helvellyn on sunday morning. took us just under 2.5hrs to reach the summit, shaving nearly 30 mins off our previous attempt. it chucked it down all the way up but then cleared at the summit, but soaked through and with cold wind it wasnt a pleasant activation. the descent was the complete opposite, clear skys, no wind and hot sun, 3 seasons in a single day. got to love the LD :+1:

all the best

It was great to meet you Steve @G5ZX. I managed to have a contact with M7SHZ on Sunday, and the weather did sound foul.

It sounds like you had a great weekend.

i use the RHH770 antenna with handhelds and it does feel too heavy for the handhelds but i take extreme caution and only ever use the handheld vertically to lessen the load on the connector when the RHH770 is connected. Its a great antenna I find.


Awesome @M0MZB Matthew and what a bumper collection of points in a single outing! Great to you in the log twice from Scafell Pike.
Regards, Mark.

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Fraser @MM0EFI, was yours a Chinese RH770 clone?

I’ve had three: two broke in under six months even with careful handling and using only when stationary. The third one fell apart taking it out of its delivery carton. Although RF wise they work well, they are notoriously mechanically fragile.

It’s well worth buying the Diamond original RH770. Although it’s 3 or 4 times the price (from UK dealership) mine is still perfect after two years and 100+ times used - so the cost per activation very much cheaper.

The only disadvantage is the Diamond version is available only with BNC termination, which requires a BNC-to-SMA adapter for my Yaesu HT [and some adapter types fail with the weight of the RH770 moving about], where as you can get the Chinese clones with SMA-m for direction connection.

No, it was genuine. It had the bnc on the bottom and I used an adaptor to connect it to the radio.

To be honest, I probably expected too much of it. I had it extended and strapped to my pack when walking and cycling, especially when near home, as I was testing the coverage of my APRS digipeater.

I think if you kept it tucked away until you needed it on a summit, then you’d be fine.

That’s pretty much what I’ve tried to do, although it’s hard to avoid stressing the RH770 or the adapter when activating in strong winds.

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