A resignation

I shall resign my position as W6 SOTA manager, effective immediately, in order to spend more time with my family.

I have made well over a thousand QSOs while SOTA activating, and value every single one. I am thankful for the friends that I have made in this pursuit.

72 to all,
Stu KI6J

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A good guy, and the only manager we ever had in our association. Hope to have more QSO’s during your future activations, and good luck with everything.
Elliott, K6ILM
#1 W6 Chaser

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Sorry to see you go. Thanks for your work setting up SOTA in NA.

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Sorry to read this, but I understand where you are coming from. Balancing hobbies and family can be tricky, ultimately family should always come first.

Andrew - K1YMI
W2 Assn Manager

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Sorry to hear you are standing down Stu. I had the pleasure of arriving in W6-land a few days after the W6 association went live. Stu had scouted out the routes up to the summit of W6/CT-037 Cahuenga Hill, the summit in Los Angeles with the big white Hollywood sign on it. We activated the summit, qualified it and Stu then produced Sushi and beer to celebrate the first W6 activation. Marvellous stuff.

Thanks for setting up the association, doing all the initial legwork and paperwork etc. and running the association for the last 3 years. Also thanks for scouting routes for my visit, providing a fine summit feast, letting me be the first W6 activator and being such a good host.


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Sorry to hear that you’re standing down Stu, but I fully understand the reasons why.
Best wishes for the future.
Roger mw0idx

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Thanks Stu for your efforts in starting the W6 Association! W6 was one of the first USA Associations and consequently set the stage for subsequent FCC Callsign Area SOTA initiatives.

Many folks probably don’t know that Stu “seeded” at least 3 other Associations (W7-Utah, W7-Arizona, and W0-Colo) by providing a “starter set” of some 200 SOTA peaks for each State, thereby allowing these States to get off the ground. In the subsequent years, that intitial effort has resulted in an explosion of SOTA growth.

I look forward to the next time we can have a qso, perhaps S2S! Take care!

73, Guy/N7UN
W7-OR, W7-ID, W7-MT, W7-WY, W7-NV
Association Manager

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Good luck in your next projects Stu.