A quick video of my VK SOTA Set up

Hi All,

Wanted to share my kit.

Here is the overview of my station that I haul up summits.

11kgs wet load out.

NB the only thing I didn’t mention was the jetboil brew kit that is in the video.

Sorry about the audio quality - new Lifeproof case muffles the audio.

Love to see yours.



Thanks for showing us your gear.
How’s the battery life on the tablet?
Do you leave the screen on all the time or only when logging?
Do you send and receive spots on the tablet via your 'phone WiFi hot spot?

It a cheap as chips 90 dollar Lenovo, after 4 and a bit hours solid I came home with about 30-40%. Didn’t use it to nav or anything like that. Screen on while time with “sleep” set to 10mins.

I prefer SOTA goat on my iPhone so spot from that. Means I can chase others without leaving my logging screen. Last session was 9 summit to summits so fair bit of chasing




HT now is a FT-60R and I dont leave Portalogger to spot - discovered the swipe :stuck_out_tongue:

I have not been taking the coax lately.


That coax seems mighty long, may be able to save weight on that.

It’s super light and on some VK1 summits it’s hot dry and exposed. So it was good to be able to hide in the shade.

Haven’t needed it lately