A pre-alert alert

I have not been very active for that last few months since the 12m challenge finished, not enough motivation or time; however I have a few weeks holiday due so will be out and about.

This is just a quick heads-up to say that I will be activating in the LD region where there may be limited 'net access so please look out for alerts and spots will be appreciated. Helen and I will be using an intra-G band, a DX band and possibly VHF.

I have no fixed itinerary, everything depends on the weather, so alerts will probably only be the day before the actual activations.

Hopefully I will catch you chasers very soon from some rarely activated summits


We are also going to try to sneak across the border so look out for us there too.

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We are also going to try to sneak across the border so look out for us there too<

Now then Carolyn - which border - hi! (;>)

Enjoy your Activations



Please 2m SSB if possible Caroline

Have a good trip

73 Graham G4JZF

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Now then Carolyn - which border - hi! (;>)

The G/NP border of course. I hear NP-020 is extremely pleasant at this time of year. :wink:

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Will be keeping a look out for you Carolyn. HF from the Lakes on a band that is workable within the UK will be very popular. Like Graham, I would appreciate 2m SSB, but it would require something more than a basic 817 + MFD to get down to me here. :slight_smile:

73, Gerald G4OIG

It looks like we will be dodging thunderstorms on the trip so plans are very loose atm, alerts could be very last minute.

2m SSB is a possibility but only from the occasional summit; if I carry VHF I might not do or have limited HF capability as I’m not feeling fit enough to carry two decent set-ups; amps, batteries and antennas.

Jack; we will be raiding a few proper hills on our tour ;o)