A nice surprise

Following phone call received from Phil G4OBK at 0900 12th Aug

“I have just arrived at the summit of Burnhope Seat G/NP-003.

To my amazement there are two pieces of slate, one marked “G4OBK?” in felt tip, and the other “GL SS-246 73 de ?”

As I only announced my expedition a couple of days ago I am astounded that somebody has been here in the meantime.

Thanks for the nice surprise to whoever took the time to leave a greeting”

73 Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4SSH:

Hi Roy

Thank’s for putting the message about the mystery on the reflector “live” whilst I was doing the activation.

A photo of the messages are on Flickr:


I reckon the culprit who surprised me was Derek G1ZJQ/P who activated the summit the previous day on 2m and 70cm - Derek’s contacts are now showing in the database!

73 and thank’s to Derek for the welcome greeting message on a miserable, boggy but easy to ascend 6 point summit. Another of the NPs under my belt.

Phil G4OBK

In reply to G4OBK:

well done on this one Phil,sorry I missed you up there.

and what a nice thing for a fellow activator to do, if it was Derek then excellent job!!