A new VK SOTA Mountain Goat

Congratulations to Peter VK3PF who achieved Mountain Goat status on 25 April 2014. Peter is the second Australian Mountain Goat after Wayne VK3WAM on 19 November 2013.

Congratulations Peter on achieving Mountain Goat.

Jimmy M0HGY

In reply to VK3ZPF:

Very Nice! Congrats on achieving Mountain GOAT. Great to hear all of the SOTA activity from VK land…the Arizona group looks your way every evening hoping to work you guys!

Again, great job!

You have a really great name by the way…


In reply to VK3ZPF:
Way to go Peter, congratulations from Colorado.

In reply to VK3ZPF:
Congratulations Peter, great work!

Edit: I notice you did it in less than two years… lots of miles and lots of walking!


In reply to MW0WML:

Many thanks to all for the congratulations.

I took about 3 weeks shy of 2 years to get there, helped by a concentrated effort over the Easter weekend and the following few days: 150 points in 7 days of activity over a 9 day period.

I attempt to get out regularly for some walking in the hills. I also try to combine any road trips with some radio activity, if time allows. This has allowed me to Activate for SOTA and also for our local National Parks award.

Now that the MG milestone has been achieved, I should think about spending some more time on the higher bands…


Peter VK3PF

In reply to VK3PF:

There is the brewery in Melboure that you need to know about if you already dont Peter: