A magic number – today for Kurt HB9AFI

Dear all

Numbers and figures have their own magic. Had spotted Kurt’s magic today:


Fantastic! Kurt, enjoy your doors to nature and amateur radio on the summits. Hoping here that there will still be many next opportunities. One of them will bring you a 9th goat.

Looking forward to meet you again on SSB or FM from the summits. (CW still needs some time.)

Kurt, stay healthy and happy! Thanks for all your support for the fellows.

Vy 73 de Markus, HB9DIZ


Hi Kurt,

Chapeau bas !!!

73, Jarek

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2000 activations, I’m just impressed. Congratulations!

Bonjour Kurt
Félicitations pour ce challenge.
Au plaisir de se retrouver.
André f5ukl

Hallo Kurt


Until now … you are still my number 2 …

Thanks for the many QSOs

Almost all were S2S

73 Armin

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Very impressing, Kurt!
Congratulations and enjoy the hobby!
73 Stephan

Hello Kurt,
congrats on reaching this awesome number of activations :champagne: :tada: :balloon:
This requires a strong commitment!
I hope you further enjoy activating your beautiful summits and I’m looking forward to many more S2S-QSOs.

73, Roman

73 Fabio

Outstanding !. Congratulations Kurt !.
Antonio, EA4MY

My congratulations for Kurt

Congratulations dear Kurt! You´ve made my day so many times!
Stay healthy and enjoy your adventures!
Vy73 de Fri HB9CSA



Congratulations dear Kurt!

It is always great to have a QSO with you.
I’m amazed everytime you get my call for a quick S2S among the huge pile up you have, such good ears!!

I don’t think you aim to break a record: by looking at your average number of activations per year (constant for years…) I guess that SOTA is a life style for you.


Stay healthy and GL.
VY 73 de Ignacio