A lot QSO...

The last activations in the SP / GS area were carried out in the morning, which allowed me to log 100 connections at each peak.
Known to all SP9MA hunters, Jarek gave me the idea to try to beat the number of 200 QSOs. Of course, besieging the peak with the antenna all day long is not for me. On 06/06/2021 I took off at dawn on SP / BZ-035 (the queue is sleeping well at this time) The company was kept by Wioletta SQ9NOT. We had 2 phones at our disposal and for the first time a laptop, KX2 with external AKU 6200 and G5RV version 1/2 L. plan was to use morning propagation in the 80m band and activate SPFF2223 which is on the Polish side of the summit.
In Poland, the WWFF program is very popular so we caught 280 QSOs in just a few hours. thank you to everyone who heard us and to those who tried …
SQ9NOT wioletta SQ9MDF leszek.
SQ9NOT wioletta SQ9MDF leszek


That’s a lot of QSOs! :slight_smile:

I’ve just registered with WWFF but I’m not sure how popular it is in the UK.

Hi Leszek,

Chapeau bas !!!
Good job :muscle:
Sad to miss You on that day and miss S2S :frowning:
When I given this idea I saw 2 radios on the summit.
To achieve it by one radio only is really significant result :clap:

73, Jarek