A long trekking on Monte Morrone I/LZ-003 2141 mt.

Yesterday together with Luca @Iz0fyl I did the second winter activation of this 2022 and we chose Monte Morrone I/LZ-003 a beautiful mountain of 2141 meters in the Lago della Duchessa nature reserve on the border between Lazio and Abruzzo. The climb was decidedly tough, over 1350 meters in altitude for a total of 15 km of trekking throughout the day.

The weather was particularly warm, it feels like spring in some places and only on the ridge and on the top we found a lot of snow and ice on the rocks. The presence of big clouds arriving from the north and the length of the route made us stay at the top for very little time, I only activated 20 meters on Ssb and Luca made some QSOs on cw on 30 and 20 metres.Two summit to summit with @ea2wx and @CT2HOV

At 2pm local time we started the descent and when we got to the car the sun was starting to go down, just in time :slight_smile: Overall a beautiful day in the mountains, the photos speak for themselves :slight_smile:


Nice pics Andrea, :cold_face: thanks for S2S, Merry Christmas. 73 de EA2WX, Marcial.

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Ciao Andrea,

The Abruzzo area is great and I am yet to explore it with a radio!!! I will try next Easter perhaps.

73 e Buon Natale de M0XPO

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Dear Leandro, please write to me or Luca Iz0fyl when you will be in Abruzzo, we can do a activation/trekking all together

73 and Buon Natale Andrea


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Hi Andrea,

Good evening, sorry for the delay… just to say Happy New Year, hope you had a great time at Christmas Time ;)… many thanks for S2S, hope to catch you both in SOTA.

73, Nuno

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HI Nuno !!

Happy new year also to you ! 73 de IW0HK Andrea