A Lap of Honour - videos

I didn’t film my Mountain Goat activation of Ben More GM/SI-003. However, I did film my ascent of Beinn Chreagach GM/SI-145, on the small island of Ulva, the following day.

What a tough point that was!

I enjoyed a massive pile up on 40 m and it felt amazing. Someone said to me earlier today it was like watching a victory lap.

As for the route, well once you’ve called the ferryman over and endured the short crossing, a series of Land Rover tracks lead west. Once off the track, it’s wild and rough country. Paul @G4IPB took a different route from me when he did it, approaching from the south, but they are equally as rough.

my route from the ferry

Here’s a 6 minute video of the hike:

Here’s the full 26 minute activation:

Fraser MM0EFI


… It looked about the same in April…although calmer my activation was a bit less organised…

We wre in the AZ but slightly down from the “peak”

(Linked Dipole & Slim Jim)

View to the North on the way down…


… just trying to encourage another activator to get a complete… Paul


I read your brief report before heading up there Paul. Given the limited time I had, I decided to just make a Bee-line for the summit. I suspect a helicopter is the best option!

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Many thanks for a brilliant pair of videos Fraser. Seeing your route I was getting flashbacks to those up several one pointers I’ve done around Scotland, so hopefully I should be able to include SI-145 in the itinerary when I get back up to Mull and not be too put off by the terrain.

I must compliment you on the audio from your rig. It flatters my voice… you won’t recognise me when we actually get around to meeting up. :joy:

73, Gerald

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Thanks for the great videos Fraser. As always it was great to come with you on the journey and enjoy the stunning scenery from the warmth of my living room! :grin:

Congratulations for achieving MG during 2022 and wishing you and yours a Merry Christmas and all the best for 2023.

73 - Matthew, M0JSB

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Good stuff, Fraser, great videos & tnx for the qso & others this year. Have a Happy Christmas & a Happy New Year, 73 John.

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