A Good day on G/NP-022

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Congrats and thanks for nice activation report. nice read !

vy 73 es cu

Klaus DF2GN

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Thanks Darius for the report.

On PSK you popped up on DM780 for about a minute working a German station and I sent but you did not see/hear me. I think on 30 you were too near for me but I tracked the various stations calling you. I spotted you being QRV - always another day for me.

Well done from newbie PSK person :wink:

Mike G6TUH

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Darius just make sure you enter W4ZV into the database! I’m dyslexic also. ;-))

73, Bill W4ZV

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Hello Darius, thanks. Newbie here has spent a lot of time messing around getting the receive right (software nightmare) and in recent days even sorted out transmit. First PSK SOTA was with Klaus DF2GN on 40 the other day.

I was so pleased!

You are right about the QSB today.

Bye for now.

Mike G6TUH

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Hi Darius, great report.

I can confirm the weather conditions, my feet took some defrosting after my activation from Rombalds Moor G/NP-028!

Yes, SOTA is getting mighty popular, the pile ups can be pretty huge these days!

My best contact was also Bill W4ZV on 30m, it was a very difficult copy, but we managed a complete QSO, my report was 449, whilst I sent 339 in reply.

73, Colin, M0CGH