A fun day!

Wow, it was a fun day chasing summits from North America with some interesting propagation. On one hand I couldn’t hear a peep out of some summits in stateside areas that are no problem to copy normally, but I was able to work quite a few European summits including a couple on 12M. So I guess it all evens out.

In spite of missing several NA summits that should have been “easy pickins” (had 20 been behaving), I still managed 141 points, which I think is my best day of chasing yet. The level of activity is really impressive and it is fun to hear the new chasers and activators on. I was off the air for much of August and September, replacing antennas damaged in an ice storm last April. It’s great to be back! Welcome to KB3VWK as a new activator - I think I was his first QSO today, which was a thrill for me.

Thanks for all the activators, especially the ones in EU with great ears to pull my 5 watts out of the noise!

And thanks to all those that keep SOTA functioning so well, especially the website. The database is a very impressive resource for record-keeping! As so many of us are, I am hopeless addicted to this facet of amateur radio. What a fun activity and a great bunch of folks. It truly is like a big family.

Randy, ND0C

In reply to ND0C:

Yeah its true Randy.

Thanks to all those who make this happening. Lots of work out there for sure.