A few days in the Ukrainian Carpathians.... sq9not&sq9mdf

There are several holidays in Poland during the first week of May, and widespread high pressure heralded stable weather conditions for open mountain peaks. Unfortunately, the long weekend means a large number of tourists in the Polish mountains. But 20 km from the Polish border on the Ukrainian side, we met 8 tourists on 16 peaks. Silence and emptiness also fill the sky in this part of the troubled world. For safety reasons, we avoided the largest cities.

Due to the long distances from the valleys to the peak, the Ukrainian Carpathians require good physical condition. You also need to be able to orient yourself in the area - sometimes there is no trail or the trail is not renovated.
There was enough strength and cheerfulness for 9 days. There were no problems with accommodation and supplies. People are nice and helpful, you should be prepared for police and military checks.
Thank you for chasing us, we are not responsible for the propagation conditions…



local roads are an adventure



former stratospheric communications node…

in the back UT/CA-112


Fantastic photos from your adventure, Leszek. It was a pleasant surprise to work you on UT/CA-112 for my first chase of the UT SOTA association!


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it wasn’t an easy song…

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Impressive pictures from your brave trip to Ukraine, Voiletta and Leszek!

When I saw your spot from UT/CA-243, it was clear that you two were on an adventurous tour again. I was even more pleased about our S2S.

And when you chased me a few days later, I was happy that you were home safely again.

73 Chris

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Fantastic photo’s of your Sota adventure and thank you both for all the contacts that we made and all new for me. I can’t imagine how difficult things were at times for you both. Congratulations on a successful trip. Well Done.

73’ Don GW0PLP.


Super impressive that you were able to activate in UT-land considering everything that has gone on and continues to go on.

We can but dream…


In short, people there are sad… leszek


Thanks leszek & Violeta , thanks for S2S .
I hope many QSO in peace for all, without frontiers.

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Very nice. It looks like a beautiful place. Nice photos.

Thanks both, good memories, and great to have you in the log.
Enjoy and vy 73, Markus

Markus.The path to you from the Czech Republic was great, but from UT it was worse. We hope to return there in a few years…Leszek


Amazing story and images! Although the images from the summits are spectacular, I really enjoyed the lake image the most. Looks like you all had perfect weather.

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9 days without a drop of rain - frost in the morning… leszek

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Nice picturesđź‘Ś

Thanks for the S2S on UT/CA-075 and sharing the pictures. keep goin…

73 de Alex, DK1ZX

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