A drier future?

Nipped up Gun G/SP-013 en route to tonight’s gig in Leicestershire. Found a slight break in the rain and made a dash for the AZ with the HT.

I noticed a couple of drain channels had been dug. The main one going across the path diverted water away from the start of the walk. In this wx I would have expected flooding right across the path here - so a significant improvement.

There was still a lot of water running down the path between that point and the entrance gate, so hopefully more drainage work is yet to be done. But progress is already significantly easier!


That’s good to see. It can be a swim at times. Next they need to sort out the dog excrement! It is a bit of a dogs toilet!



There are many places (such as this nature reserve) where dogs should be banned.

Planet Earth* would be my first nomination.

*Except for guide dogs and any pet dog of Barry @GM4TOE


I think it should be the lazy inconsiderate owners that should be banned and the dogs should always be on a lead.


You never know what you might meet on (or near) Gun…

I vacated the back of my car as he pulled in to the layby, just in case his brakes were dodgy.


They’ll have to convert it to electric soon. :slight_smile:


We don’t have these dog fouling laws up here to same extent you have down there. It’s only an offence “to allow a dog to foul a footpath, local authority grass verge, a local authority pedestrian precinct or any local authority maintained recreation or sports ground.”

Was just listening CAMELOT - “Camelot” (title song) from
LincolnCenterTheater :slightly_smiling_face:

73, Jaakko ac1bb/oh7bf

I wonder if that’s Euro 5 emissions compliant Adrian? Not an every day SOTA sight!


I’m a bit nervous about banning things… dogs, bikes, radios, drones, masts, kites and maybe humans can all be banned. Some of the best preserved moorland in the Pennines (I am informed) is in the Army training area and the main thing that is missing is people… Banning is a bit blunt, Education is harder but might be more effective - I would hope…


Heh Heh ! What were they burning in that tractor? Coal ?
We used to burn stove oil in our old John Deere tractors and they
didn’t smoke like that!

Yes, it is steam driven not an internal combustion engine

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Just for the record, my dog is always on a lead outdoors. I concur that the “lazy inconsiderate owners that should be banned” but as for dog haters - “eat my shorts”!

They probably can’t get hold of good quality steam-raising coal and are burning ordinary house coal.

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I see no mention of hating dogs anywhere other than your post Brian.

That coming from the very person that said they should be banned from Planet Earth! :rofl:

With a caveat - from which you can easily deduce that I have no issue with well trained and cared-for dogs.

Yes, I took it as a bit of fun and riposted in the same vein!

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