A day on G/WB-009

My day started around 0630 with breakfast followed by sorting out a few things for an attempt at activating G/WB-009 on 23cm, 70cm and 2m. I left Cheltenham around 0820 picking up some provisions (Water and Chocolate) on route and arrived at my chosen parking spot around 0900.

The climb took around 40 minutes with several short breaks on the way and on arriving I could here Mike 2E0YYY/P on G/SP-013 on 2m FM at 59+ on the Kenwood THG71 so took a few moments to work him before setting up for the rest of my activation.

Several Calls on 1297.500 using the TM531 powered from my 17AH SLAB and the Diamond X5000 failed to raise any activity so I swapped over to 2m using the THG71 and worked a steady stream of 21 contacts including a further S2S with Alan MW1EYO/P on GW/MW-021 (a new one for me).

Calls on 70cm netted 6 QSO’s before I returned to 2m to work my third S2S with Viki MW6BWA on GW/SW-020.

I then worked nothing else for a further 30 minutes - despite many calls on 23cm using the X5000 as well as some on 6m/2m/70cm with VX-5 on its Rubber Duck.

After calling Viki on 2m again and we QSY’d to 70cm for another contact and I then left Viki to try to get further 70cm contacts.

With what would have been my final call on 23cm managed to raise Martin G4ENZ and despite being spotted and making further calls for around 10 minutes no further 23cm contacts were made.

Stewart G0LGS

In reply to G0LGS:

Hi Stuart

Sorry I was not around to work you on 23cm, I was away at a friends house at the time. However even if I had been at home I bet the going would have been tough.

I have taken down my 16 ele beam at home so that the same mast can be used for a 4m 3 ele beam as the E season is upon us.

At present all I have is a Comet Triband Co-linear for 23cm so it may have been possible but I would have thought not!

Anyway sounds like you had a good day

73 Matt 2E0XTL