A day of firsts with Gerald G4OIG

Lots of snaps and maps in this post of a joint activation of Minch Moor last week.

The firsts were;

  • using new UK call sign for SOTA
  • 1296Mhz activation
  • Joint with Gerald

and I managed to reach 150 unique activations with this outing.

…and BTW, Gerald has a super cool “Shack in a Pack” 857D solution that I drooled over and couldn’t resist including snaps of.

If interested peruse the blog at …


The downside of the “Shack in a Pack” is weight. I was actually carrying 12.2kg plus whatever my coat weighs. I could have reduced the size of the power pack and used half the number of batteries on each summit, so saving around 0.8kg. That would require a certain amount of faffing around at the car to change the batteries over, so I just loaded up the full 16.4AH from the start.

The 857 set up was designed primarily for the S2S events when I would be staying on a summit for several hours, hence the inclusion of metering to monitor the power pack. On account of the poor conditions on HF in recent weeks, I have been carrying this up the hills on a more regular basis. I will probably need to include some ballast when I return to the 817. :wink:

oops that could be misinterpeted! … We’re not in Canada you know!

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Legal in Cal too but probably never here in the UK.