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A completely new effect on DM/NW-143

In reply to DC7CCC:

There were so many SOTA
activators around 7032 kHz qrv that I have not found a clear frequency

SOTA is a victim of its own success Mario!



Last weekend it was the RTTY contest - a different problem, but still with the effect of clogging up the area around 7030 to 7035kHz. Instead I found clear frequencies around 7.007MHz, self-spotted and used those. I still worked the usual chasers doing that.


In reply to DC7CCC:

Okay … I decided to chase other activators, but that’s not so easy
with 2Watt output.


I had the same problem last saturday.
I tryied many times to send ‘/P’ ‘/P’ and sometimes it worked.
Some chasers help us, others no… That’s life …

73 Alain F6ENO

In reply to DC7CCC:
Hi Mario
Thanks for the summit to summit qso. You had a nice 579 signal on LA/TM-072, so
no problems with the 2watts.
I also did try to chase a few other stations, but they could’t copy my qrp signals.(Z35M/p, OE5BIN/p and S51ZJ/p). Rig here was a KX-1 with about 4watts output.
cuagn soon

73 de Aage/LA1ENA

In reply to all:
Some times I call for long periods on 10.120MHz and nil qso. But one call on 7.032 generate instant pile-up. If spotted also high activity.
I think problem is clustering all activity to 2KHz around 7.032. Activators with KX1, rockmite and other kit/homemade rigs have not so sharp filters and qrm is big.
Most rig has VFO og VXO why dont they use it more?

73 de Kjell

In reply to LA1KHA:
Perhaps because if the chasers know what frequencies to monitor then the activators will be found more quickly? Keen chasers monitor the frequencies that they know by experience are most likely to be used, like 7.118 for SSB and 7.032 for CW. I think the QRM is bound to get worse, but it is better than silence!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to G8ADD:

Keen chasers monitor the
frequencies that they know by experience are most likely to be used,
like 7.118 for SSB

That’s why I made 0 QSO when I tryied to call CQ SOTA on 7099 ( SSB, a very hard job for me…)
Remember, France < 7100 …
But you are right, huge pile ups are better than nothing.

73 Alain

In reply to G8ADD:

It was surreal today on 7.032. It’s bad enough without a CW filter but you can normally get through. The mayhem today complete with jammers was the busiest I’ve ever heard it. I gave up after only one contact and calling a few times but there again, it had started snowing and was below 0C with the windchill.

Need a filter…


In reply to F6ENO:
Well I cannot speak for other chasers, Alain, but for me 7.118 is a return point: it is the frequency that I tune down from, return to and tune up from, but 7 megs is a tough nut to crack: select any phone frequency at random and listen, and you will hear two or three contacts going on just above the noise, if you are lucky you may identify one of them as an activation! I do sympathise with you over the long delay in giving you 7.1 to 7.2, and I hope that your petty beaurocrats soon get their fingers out and give French hams the band that they are entitled to. It will make life easier for us chasers, too!


Brian G8ADD

In reply to MM0FMF:

With regard to the filter, Andy, how about reviving the old “selectoject” architecture with modern minature components for installation in these QRP rigs?

Just a thought…


Brian G8ADD