A cold November day in Norway...

Yes, it is cold with -12C on the peaks, but fortunately there is low humidity and little wind. In any case, it’s a bit cold to write a log without gloves on my
cellphone. Very good radio conditions, fantastic weather and views both on LA/HM-144

and LA/HM-151 last weekend.

PS! I was glad to wear a double set of woolen socks, for I crossed a stream and walked on ice which I thought was solid,—it was not! Stepping in a stream and getting soaked to the shins before the first activation in -12C could have been a challenge if I hadn’t had two layers of wool to keep warm.


Very beautiful pictures, Knut

I can literally hear the ice cracking and I can feel the cold but clear and oxygen-rich air in my nose.

73 Chris


Great pictures, Knut, that make me feel cold just looking at them! Was great to work you last week on LA/HM-144 with a strong 5/9 into north-east Scotland. Excellent. 73. Mike


I think I’m going to use a voice recorder inline for Winter SOTA logging. I can’t use the cell phone either to log in winter.


Other brands are available!


Thanks very much for the photos - I really appreciate seeing the location of other activations.

Unfortunately although I tried really hard I couldn’t get a S2S with you when on High Rigg G/LD-044 - however at least I did catch LA9XGA/P who was out around the same time.

Maybe next time… and please do keep posting photos!!!

Mark. M0NOM


Many thanks for the attempt. I would have greatly appreciated a S2S with you from when you were at G/LD-044, High Rigg Nov 19, but unfortunately I did not hear you from LA/HM-151. I look forward to a S2S with you when conditions permit

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Congrats Knut, for your efforts! Norway: beautiful country for SOTA. I’ve been at LA/FM-019 in september.

73, ON4ROB

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Fantastic photos !! thanks for the report !! Yesterday i was in the middle of snow & ice too, but was too freezy to make cw with gloves

73 de Iw0hk Andrea

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I am certainly incompetent to say so, but I think the same as you :slight_smile:
We have a large area in Norway with very varied nature, and very different degrees of difficulty on the SOTA peaks. There is also a very large number of tops to choose from, thanks to the Association Manager and his helpers.

Thank you very much. It was with a completely normal iPhone, no filters, - but still, the pictures will never do justice to how great it actually was on these two peaks

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