A cautionary tale

Yesterday I activated one pointer G/SB-009.
The forecast for North Northumberland was good except for the odd shower at 1400 local.
Conditions on HF were poor but the chasers came good and I easily qualified.
At about 1200 I felt a few Drops of fine rain.
Then I had a sensation of tingling from the morse key strapped to my leg. Realising this was the effect of static rain I immediately stopped transmitting and dropped the mast. No sooner had the mast hit the ground there was a flash of lightening followed immediately by a clap of thunder. The weather suddenly changed and we had a very heavy downpour. Having quickly dumped my kit into my rucksack I took steps, big ones, to the safety of my car.


I had an odd occurrence on Lendrick hill GM/SS-190 myself yesterday. The forecast was for showers but I had taken my shelter with me. During one of the showers when I was set up for 15m there was suddenly a sort of sizzling noise through the headphones (SSB) and I had a look out at the sky above which had suddenly turned very dark. I quickly disconnected the antennas from the radio and dropped the pole.
Fortunately there was only heavy rain for me, then it cleared up and the sun came back out. There weren’t any “crackles” prior to this like I have heard from distant lightning previously.
I think I was lucky.


Thanks for this important reminder that while focused on our activation, we need to be cognizant of the elements around us - especially electrical ones!


Glad you managed to escape unscathed!


I had a similar experience several years ago while activating. Suddenly it went very dark and then the hail started followed by lightning. It struck rocks less than 100 meters away from me.

It makes you realise how small and significant you are.